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Most of the 1.0.0 values and names were confirmed through a bit of self-observation but mostly through watching streams hence the spottiness of the confirmation. The source document where I am compiling the missing information before putting it here is PoE Zones Google Doc Ebonmourn (talk) 16:19, 31 October 2013 (UTC)

I have a Scion I'm currently doing maps with, I can confirm the rest of these area levels, and i'll comment all those red numbers in your document. Can we swap sides or even put the old levels down below? It doesn't make much sense to have the first information you look at be the outdated stuff. I also think we should put a link to this somewhere (i already bookmarked it) since it'll be a great reference as to the locations you can get 5/6 socket gear, certain base items, cartographer's chisels, maps, item modifiers, etc. Actually, I'm totally willing to take the time and effort to describe the location's map type (cavern, indoor, outdoor, large, small, forested, urban), monster density, and mob rarity. For instance, the Fetid Pools would be an 'open, medium, lightly forested area with average mob density and above average magic and rare monsters'. It would make this a great resource to decide where you would want to level your character (long range aoe's will prefer open areas with above average mob density (fellshrine, docks) whereas a melee will want less danger and probably be looking for tight, roomy interiors with smaller groups of enemies (catacombs, crypt). FootHands (talk) 14:02, 11 November 2013 (UTC)
Cool any help is nice. The red numbers / names are just to remind me or others that yes those zlvl's or znames changed and need to be updated/checked on the zones individual page; of which some have been updated. Tables are now swapped New on Left, Old on Right and they are closer together lol. If someone higher up or you want to see it linked else where I don't mind/care and it would probably be a good thing. If you want to put the time into categorizing the zones and giving them descriptions that would be cool. I would definitely compile a lot of the information in like a google doc first so you can see trends and find more concise ways to word things. Such as there are a lot of 'open forest w/path' zones or 'closed ruins'. Common descriptions of the zones themselves would probably be inside/outside, location cave/forest/urban/smallroom-inside/bigroom-inside, density of indestructible obstructions low/medium/high (ex. trees/rocks/walls), is there a clear path through the zone (ex. Fellshrine), is it linear/semilinear/nonlinear (ex. Ledge-linear, PrisonGate-semi, Docks-non), (subcatagory) layout type Open/Tree/Circle/etc. I'd also like to see the maps get a separate section lower down describing the default state for each one of those. Another addition I'd like to see is a general pathing strategy for each zone like for races and whatnot. Such as Broken Bridge -> follow the path for 100% or go down and follow the coast. I understand that some of the additions makes this page more of a zone general information page and not just Zone Levels page. Ebonmourn (talk) 02:46, 13 November 2013 (UTC)