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The area template is used to show a area info card. It currently calls Module:Area from within the Area namespace, but provides legacy support for old templates when called from the main name space.

Module area call


Parameter Value Required PyPoE
Field Description
main_page str
areas.main_page A valid wiki page that serves as the base page for this area entry (i.e. holds version history, descriptions, etc.)
id str Internal game id of the area (don't make this up).
name str Name of the area as visible in game
act int
areas.act Act associated with the area
area_level int
areas.area_level level of the area
level_restriction_max int
areas.level_restriction_max Maximum player level allowed to enter. Defaults to 100.

This is used in pvp arenas for example to restrict higher level players from entering low level pvp arenas.

area_type_tags list[str]
areas.area_type_tags comma-separated list of tags associated with an area denoting the type of the area.
tags list[str]
areas.tags comma-separated list of tags associated with an area
loading_screen str
areas.loading_screen Name of the loading screen file; file path will be automatically generated from this.
connection_ids list[str]
areas.connection_ids comma-separated list of area ids this area is connected to
parent_area_id str
areas.parent_area_id Parent area of this area (i.e. the area the player character would respawn in if he dies))
modifier_ids list[str]
areas.modifier_ids comma-separated list of implicit modifiers associated with this area.

Please note only implicit modifiers are counted, do modifiers from maps for example would not be included.

monster_ids list[str]
areas.monster_ids comma-separated list of monsters metadata ids
boss_monster_ids list[str]
areas.boss_monster_ids comma-separated list of boss monsters metadata ids
entry_text str
areas.entry_text Message that is shown when the area is entered
entry_npc str
areas.entry_npc NPC who sends the message shown upon entering the area
vaal_area_ids list[str]
areas.vaal_area_ids comma-separated list of vaal area ids
vaal_area_spawn_chance int
areas.vaal_area_spawn_chance Percent chance for an vaal side area to appear
strongbox_spawn_chance int
areas.strongbox_spawn_chance Percent chance for a strongbox to appear
strongbox_max_count int
areas.strongbox_max_count Maximum number of strongboxes that naturally can appear in this area
strongbox_max_count list[4x int]
areas.strongbox_max_count comma-separated list of weights denoting which rarity a strongbox may be spawned in

List is normal, magic, rare, unique in that order

is_map_area bool
areas.is_map_area Whether the area is a map area
is_unique_map_area bool
areas.is_unique_map_area Whether the area is a unique map area
is_town_area bool
areas.is_town_area Whether the area is a town
is_hideout_area bool
areas.is_hideout_area Whether the area is a hideout
is_vaal_area bool
areas.is_vaal_area Whether the area is a vaal side area
is_labyrinth_area bool
areas.is_labyrinth_area Whether the area is a labyrinth area
is_labyrinth_airlock_area bool
areas.is_labyrinth_airlock_area Whether the area is a labyrinth airlock area
is_labyrinth_boss_area bool
areas.is_labyrinth_boss_area Whether the area is a labyrinth boss area
has_waypoint bool
areas.has_waypoint Whether the area has a waypoint
screenshot_ext str
default file type is jpg, specify to override to .png or any acceptable upload file format

Finding the area id

Browse to it using Special:CargoTables or use a query similar to this:

tables = areas
|fields = areas._pageName,,, areas.main_page
|where = id LIKE "%"