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Path of Exile Wiki

This template displays a notice that the page it appears on is a guide. It is used to quickly inform readers of the subject matter covered and how up to date it is.


This template should be placed at the top the guide.

The subject of the guide should be specified with |subject=.

{{Guide|subject=using item filters}}

Show the date of the guide's most recent update using |date=. By default, the date of the most recent edit is used, but specifying the date manually means that minor revisions to the guide will not cause the date to change.

{{Guide|date=May 6, 2021}}

To indicate that the guide is valid as of a specific game version, use |version=. This parameter is completely optional, as it may not be applicable to the guide.



Example with all parameters used:

{{Guide|subject=completing [[Harvest]] encounters|version=3.14.0|date=March 20, 2021}}