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The Incursion room template is used to submit incursion room data to the cargo data base, create an info box and add categories to the page. It should be used in the main wiki namespace.


The template will do the following:

  • add cargo data to the page
  • create a basic infobox showing data about the incursion room
  • add categories to the page



Parameter Type PyPoE
Required Field Description Default
id str (unique) Internal identifier of the incursion room. N/A
name str Name of the incursion room as visible in game N/A
str description
incursion_rooms.description Description of what the the room does 100
flavour_text str
incursion_rooms.flavour_text Flavour text of the room 0
tier int
incursion_rooms.tier Tier of the incursion room in Arabic numerals (i.e. 1-3, not I, II, III). N/A
upgrade_room_id str Internal identifier of the incursion room this room upgrades to.

Leave empty if there are no upgrades

icon str
incursion_rooms.icon Name of the room's icon (as seen in the temple UI). The icon url including the prefix and suffix will be automatically created from this. N/A
min_level int
incursion_rooms.min_level Minimum level required for incursion room to spawn. 0
architect_metadata_id str
incursion_rooms.architect_metadata_id Internal id of the architect who builds the room. Leave empty if unknown.

Currently, this is not used because monster data is not on the wiki.

architect_name str
incursion_rooms.architect_name Name of the architect who builds this room

Currently, this is used instead of monster id because monster data is not on the wiki. It will be removed in the future

modifier_ids list[str]


List of modifiers that the room adds to the temple.

The stat text from the modifiers will be added into the stat_text field with line breaks in the order they were entered here.


Cargo tables

Cargo table declarations:

Name Declaration
incursion_rooms {{Incursion room/cargo/incursion_rooms}}