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This template is intended to help finding mods that unique items uses and then add it to the {{Item}} template. Items that uses the same mod are sorted by the items release version(!), the mods are often numbered so try to assign the highest numbered mod to the newest item.


 |tables=mods, mod_stats, spawn_weights, _pageData
 |join on=mods._pageName=mod_stats._pageName, mods._pageName=spawn_weights._pageName, mods._pageName=_pageData._pageName
 |fields=mods._pageName,, mods.stat_text, _pageData._creationDate, _pageData._modificationDate
       mods.stat_text LIKE "%Physical Damage%"
   AND mods.generation_type=3
   AND mod_stats.min=50
   AND mod_stats.max=75
 |order by=mods.stat_text
 |group by=mods._pageName, mod_stats._pageName, spawn_weights._pageName
  |template=Mod table with items
  |intro={{Mod table with items/intro}}
  |outro={{Mod table with items/outro}}


Page Mod id Stat text Is used in item Created Modified
Modifier:LocalIncreasedPhysicalDamagePercentUniqueOneHandMace1 LocalIncreasedPhysicalDamagePercentUniqueOneHandMace1 (50-75)% increased Physical Damage Brightbeak 2015-10-02 01:15:19 2019-06-07 17:44:10
Modifier:LocalIncreasedPhysicalDamagePercentUnique~~15 LocalIncreasedPhysicalDamagePercentUnique__15 (50-75)% increased Physical Damage Reach of the Council 2016-06-20 18:41:40 2019-06-07 17:45:25