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This template creates an advanced list for modifiers based on performing an cargo query.


Main Parameters

Parameter Value Description Required
default str If specified, the value of this will be returned if there are no results for the specified query.
type str Values:

map - if set to this value, IIQ/IIR/Pack size will be removed and shown in separate columns

q_<param> N/A It is possible to add any parameters of the cargo query (field names) by prefixing them with q_.

Specifying at least q_where and q_limit is highly recommended.

Display control parameters

All these parameters are binary, so as long you specify something like icon=1 it will show up. If something is not available on the item you're fetching it will show up as "N/A"

Parameter Description
name Name of the modifier, links to the modifier page. Always shown by default, specify name=0 to remove it.
domain Mod domain (shown as text)
generation_type Mod generation type (shown as text)
group Mod group
type Mod type
level Mod level (i.e. the level requirement)
labyrinth Shows labyrinth type
stat_text Visible stat text of the modifier
buff Buff(s) granted by the modifier
skill Skill(s) granted by the modifier
tags Tags applied by the modifier
spawn_weights Spawn weights defined for the modifier
generation_weights Generation weights defined for the modifier

Multi-option parameters

These parameters will active multiple options at once. They should be used for "default" lists, as additional variables may be added over time:

Parameter Description Parameters activated
enchantment labyrinth


Using other tables using join

Modifiers often requires a spawn weight over zero to be able to spawn on an item. This will therefore require to join two separate cargo tables together and query that. In SMW spawn weights were a subobject and needed to be queried separately.

Let's try and find the first 5 modifier pages in the "Map" domain with a weight above 0 and named Fecund.

{{Modifier table}} {{SMW mod table}}
{{Modifier table
|q_where=mods.domain=5 AND"Fecund" AND spawn_weights.weight > 0
[[Concept:Spawnable named prefix mods]]
[[Has mod domain::5]]
[[Has subobject::<q>
 [[-Has subobject::+]]
 [[Has spawn weight::>>0]]
 [[Has tag::default]]
|?Has name=
|?Has stat text
|userparam=extra_rows=1, effect_rowid=2, type=map
|sort=Has name
|template=SMW mod table
|introtemplate=SMW mod table/map/intro
|outrotemplate=SMW mod table/outro
IIRSpawn Weighting
Fecund(10-15)% more Monster Life10%N/AN/Asecret_area 1000
default 0
Fecund(20-29)% more Monster Life13%5%8%low_tier_map 1000
default 0
Fecund(30-39)% more Monster Life13%5%8%mid_tier_map 1000
default 0
Fecund(40-49)% more Monster Life13%5%8%top_tier_map 1000
default 0
FecundFound Items have a (1-3)% chance to drop Corrupted in Area
Area contains 1 additional pack of Corrupted Vaal Monsters
(30-39)% more Monster Life
10%N/AN/Asecret_area 1000
default 0