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This template is used to create a box with informations about a monster.


All parameters except for name are optional. They can be excluded or left blank.

Parameter Description
name The name of the monster.
rarity The rarity of the monster.
Has to be one of the following:
  • Normal
  • Magic
  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Boss
image The image name.
level The level(s) of the monster.
location The location(s) of the monster.
quest The quest(s) the monster is related to.
health The base health of the monster.
damage The base physical damage of the monster.
aps The base attacks per second of the monster.
resistance The base resistances of the monster.
modifier The modifier(s) (mods) the monster has.
skill The skill the monster use. Despite all monster skill are coded separately and different from skill gem, it is fine to link to a skill gem that closely related to the monster skill .
metadata_id The metadata id of the monster. Single value allowed only for now.

Copy Paste

| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| rarity = 
| image = 
| level = 
| location = 
| quest = 
| health = 
| damage = 
| aps = 
| resistance = 
| modifier =