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[sicSīc erat scriptum (Latin: “Thus it was written”) – This quote is reproduced faithfully from its source with the preceding errors.]

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This template inserts a "[sic]" notation. Sic, which comes from the Latin sīc erat scriptum (thus it was written), is used as a notation to show that an error in a quotation has been reproduced faithfully from its source, removing any doubt as to whether it might be an error of transcription.[1][2]


Use this template to insert a "[sic]" notation within a quotation. It should be placed immediately after a point in the quotation that contains an error that also exists in the original source. This shows that the quotation has faithfully reproduced the erroneous text from its source, which otherwise might be interpreted as a transcription error.

It is incorrect to use this template anywhere except within a quotation. If text copied verbatim from official Path of Exile sources contains errors but is not being overtly quoted, it may be more appropriate to simply fix the errors, add explanatory footnotes, or both.


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