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The ApexThough its power has been shared, there
is still more the Apex might unlock.
The Apex inventory icon.png
Area level: 1
Item class: Quest Items
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/QuestItems/BanditAmulets/CombinedAmulet

The Apex is a quest item formed by combining Alira's AmuletAlira's AmuletSegregated by treachery, this artefact
longs to be reunited with her sisters.
, Oak's AmuletOak's AmuletA relic of a sundered relationship,
it awaits reconciliation with its kin.
, and Kraityn's AmuletKraityn's AmuletWhile this artefact resonates with power,
it is simply a piece in a larger puzzle.
during any of the bandit faction quests in Act 2: "Deal with the Bandits", "The Bandit Lord Alira", "The Bandit Lord Kraityn", or "The Bandit Lord Oak". If choosing to help the Azmeri and oppose the bandits, the character must bring all three amulets to Eramir. If choosing to help one of the bandit factions, the character must bring the amulets of the two opposing factions to the aided bandit lord.

The Apex is required to unleash Vaal Oversoul within the the Ancient Pyramid.