The Crematorium

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The Crematorium
No Waypoint
Area level25
Area type tagscrematorium, prison
Tagsindoors_area, fire_area, fire_prison_area
ConnectionsThe Slums
Vaal AreasDisused Furnace
Choked with ash and cinder.
Act3 loading screen.png
The Crematorium area screenshot.jpg
"Crematorium" redirects here. For the map that formerly known as Crematorium Map, see Lava Chamber Map.

The Crematorium is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Slums.

In this area, players can find Tolman for the quest Lost in Love. The aesthetics and layout are similar to the areas Lower Prison and Upper Prison, which are networks of prison cells and large open rooms, albeit with the walls and floors covered in ashes and cinder.

The boss room is distinguished by a pile of corpses covered with a tarp near the entrance. Farther in, players encounter Piety for the fourth time and must fight her and her guards. Piety uses powerful lightning spells, so lightning resistance is highly recommended. Once she is below 50% life, Piety escapes through a portal leaving you to deal with the rest of her forces. After taking care of the blackguards, the players can retrieve the quest item Tolman's BraceletTolman's BraceletA craftswoman's ode to
fresh hope, a new love.

A Trial of Ascendancy can be found here.




Items found in this area

The SummonerThe Summoner6Superior Minion Gem
Quality: +20%
To own a piece of the Nightmare, you must first belong to the Nightmare.
Vinia's TokenVinia's Token510x Orb of RegretYou can change your name, but you cannot change your history.1

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