The Eradicator

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The Eradicator
The Eradicator
Location(s) Manor of Madness or
Repository of Derision or
Spires of Delusion
The Eradicator inventory icon.png
The Elder empowers The Eradicator who hatches from the black egg.

The Eradicator is one of the four Elder Guardians, and can be found on any map with the implicit modifier Map is occupied by The Eradicator, where The Eradicator will replace the map boss. The Elder will make an appearance in the map boss arena, slay the map boss, and steal its life essence. A portal will then open to the elder's domain and the players must enter through the portal. The Elder will then empower The Eradicator using the stolen life essence of the map boss, who will hatch from a black egg. Players can then enter combat with The Eradicator.

Defeating The Eradicator has a high chance of dropping the Fragment of EradicationFragment of EradicationItem Quantity: +5%5% increased Quantity of Items found in this AreaPlagues are exhausted, not cured.Can be used in a personal Map Device. which is required to fight The Elder.

Such maps would also have the implicit modifier Area is influenced by The Elder, which drop enables Elder influenced items.


Manor of Madness

  • Stage 1:
  • Stage 2: The arena contains a pillar surrounded by lightning spires, which activate in a circular pattern.

Repository of Derision

  • Stage 1: The arena contains four side areas in the corners. These areas periodically fill with lightning.

Spires of Delusion

  • Stage 1: There are conduits on the walls that fire lightning beams between each other in random patterns, dealing damage over time.
  • Stage 2: Rows of large lightning orbs move across the stage.
  • Stage 3: There are totems that fire very slow moving Storm Burst projectiles around it.

Fighting Sequence

Each Elder Guardians is fought in one of three stages, each with different hazards. The boss will change phases, teleporting you to a new area with different stage hazards. This occurs at 2/3 and 1/3 health.

The Eradicator uses the following attacks:

  • Lightning blasts: Winds up and fires 2 or 3 lightning blasts. The damage from each blast can overlap.
  • Lightning tendrils
  • Storm Bolts: The Eradicator becomes enveloped in a storm cloud which deal constant damage while touched. He will then launch a storm bolt three times, followed by three storm bolts in rapid succession.
  • Super lightning tendrils: The Eradicator goes airborne and fires many small blasts of lightning at you. Most of them will land underneath him, while several are aimed towards you.
  • Transform: The Eradicator transforms into a ball of electric tentacles then moves randomly around the map firing lightning balls. These lightning balls deal damage when touched and at the end of their duration turn into adds.

Exclusive drops


Version history

Version Changes
  • The Elder story arc has retired. The Elder Guardian encounter now an itemized map encounter.
  • Now shared the loot table with other 3 Elder Guardians
  • No longer immune to Taunt, though they may not retarget based on being taunted.
  • Introduced to the game.