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The Karui Fortress
No Waypoint
Area level46
BossesTukohama, Karui God of War
Area type tagsshore
Tagsarea_with_water, act_boss_area, einharshieldcrab, einharfuryhound, act6_karui_area, fetid_area
ConnectionsThe Mud Flats
The Ridge
Vaal Side AreasStrange Sinkhole
Radiant Pools (1_SideArea6_4)
The waters here, once stagnant and foul, now run clear with an ancient bloodlust.
Act1 loading screen.png
The Karui Fortress area screenshot.jpg

The Karui Fortress is an area in Act 6. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Mud Flats and The Ridge.

The Ridge waypoint is adjacent to the exit towards the Karui Fortress, while the Mud Flats has no waypoint.




Items found in this area

The Metalsmith's GiftThe Metalsmith's Gift6Prismatic RingA month's work, a year's wages, a foolish shortcut through a Rhoa's nest, and a grieving bride-to-be, who never received her betrothed's great gift.1
Lantador's Lost LoveLantador's Lost Love7Two-Stone RingThey fought the storm together as one,
Until the longest of days was done.
Their love grew stronger
with every breath,
Until it was broken apart in death.
DeathDeath4Mon'tregul's GraspThe end of the old,
the beginning of the new.
A unique opportunity for transformation,
for those with the power
to grasp it.
Pride Before the FallPride Before the Fall8Kaom's Heart
As Kaom slew the last of his kin,
something deep inside him broke.
And through the cracks, corruption,
pure and black, spread forth.


  • The area is analogous to The Fetid Pool. A lake has replaced the impassable rocks previously in the center of the area, with a strip of land along both sides. The titular fort belonging to Tukohama is on an island in the middle of this lake with bridges to both sides.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.