The Maven's Crucible

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Quick Guide: This article has a quick guide that shows you how to unlock and access The Maven's Crucible.

The Maven's Crucible
Map area
No Waypoint
Area level68
Maven loading screen.png
The Maven's Crucible area screenshot.jpg
A player within the Crucible (right) with the captured bosses (left) and The Maven observing (center)

The Maven's Crucible is a boss arena where players fight multiple captured bosses simultaneously under the observation of The Maven. Players enter the crucible using a region-specific Maven's Invitation. Completing the Crucible awards players with 2 skill points for their Atlas passive skill tree in the same region as the invitation. The Crucible also provides The Maven's Gift which allows players to assign their skillpoints.


The Maven's Crucible is an arena that contains all of the captured bosses within that region. Players must fight and defeat all the bosses simultaneously in order to win the battle. The final Crucible that contains 10 bosses is repeatable, similar to spawning Conquerors and Sirus.

Regional invitations have several different spawn patterns, including releasing monsters in pairs, on a timer, or all at once.

Endgame invitations spawn 2 monsters at once, then the other 2 after 20 seconds or if any are killed early. The Feared will spawn 2 monsters initially then the remaining 3 after 20 seconds.

Upon completion, it grants the player access to The Maven's Gift which allows players to assign skill points to their Atlas passive skill tree. Each boss fight grants 2 points for that Atlas region,[1] except the repeatable 10-boss fight which only awards 2 skill points upon the first completion.


The Crucible can only be accessed using the "Maven's Invitation" quest items or misc map items:

The invitations for 3/4/5/6 bosses are guaranteed drop and quest items. Collecting 10 bosses for the FIRST time for that region also guaranteed to drop a rare invitation.


Each Invitation (except The Uncharted Realms Invitations) has 5 tiers. The first 4 tiers are untradable quest items, and the 5th tier is a tradable misc map item.

The area level is scaled by the number of bosses, as shown in the table below

Invitation No. Invitation Type Area Level Bosses Passive Skill Points
1 Quest Item 73 3 2
2 Quest Item 75 4 2
3 Quest Item 78 5 2
4 Quest Item 80 6 2
5 misc map item 83 10 2 (only first completion)

The number of bosses of The Uncharted Realms Invitations are shown on the item.

Version history

Version Changes
  • If you have already captured 10 bosses and haven't yet received an invitation, you should receive a guaranteed invitation drop upon your next boss kill within that region.
  • Introduced to the game.


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