The Submerged Passage

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The Submerged Passage
No Waypoint
Area level5
BossesBrood Princess
Area type tagsshore
Tagsindoors_area, area_with_water, flooded_area, cave_area
ConnectionsThe Mud Flats
The Ledge
The Flooded Depths
Slime, shadow, and sharp sharp teeth.
Act1 loading screen.png
The Submerged Passage area screenshot.jpg

The Submerged Passage is an area in Act 1. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Mud Flats, The Flooded Depths, and The Ledge.

The area has several paths, but the exit to The Ledge is always near the upper-right corner. The Flooded Depths is near the bottom-right. The Concealed Cavity has a chance to spawn in the top-center of the map. The waypoint is located next to The Mud Flats entrance.



Native monsters in this area can be resistant to cold, lightning, and fire damage. They deal physical and occasionally cold damage and may apply the Blind debuff.

Items found in this area

There are currently no items that have a drop table specific to this area.


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