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The Trialmaster
The Trialmaster
Level(s) 78+ (as boss)
2+ (as NPC)
Location(s) Map (as boss)
combat area (as NPC)

The Trialmaster is the NPC of Ultimatum league. In end-game, he is a combatable boss monster.

He offers the Trials of Chaos (aka Ultimatum) to the player. He called himself once a mortal. The master of the NPC is Chaos.

The Trialmaster can be encountered in the final wave of the Trials by chance.


  • A Choice of Futures quest icon.png A Choice of Futures: a tutorial quest of the Trials of Chaos mechanic



(unlock when meeting the Trialmaster for the first time)

Many exiles have tested their skills here as of late. Face the trials of Chaos and pursue your fate. You might die here, now, or you might someday rival the gods themselves.

The Trials

(unlock when meeting the Trialmaster for the first time)

Long have I walked this world in search of suitable challengers. My master, Chaos, has charged me with this task. Many have attempted my trials in search of greatness. Scholars, criminals, heroes, and the meek. All have stepped forward, and most have fallen. The rules never changed for them, and the rules will not change for you. Bring only that which you can afford to lose-including your life.


(unlock when meeting the Trialmaster for the first time)

My master is the essence of all that might be. He is the flip of the coin, and he is the roll of the die. Whether you win or lose, his purpose is still served. And yet-your changes can be influenced by your skill, by your intellect, and by your might. That is what fascinates Chaos. Skilled mortals can bend their chances in their own favour, for in the headwinds of the unknown, the arrow of a master falls more assuredly than the arrow of a novice. Show him your mastery, and he will smile upon you. Surprise him with utmost talent, and he may even laugh. Fortune will rain upon those who bring humour to Chaos.


I was once mortal, and I know the mortal I once was would have felt about certain things. That man would have hated Doryani with a passion for bringing about the fall of the greatest civilization this world has ever known. Fortunately, I am no longer troubled by such attachments. Through the grace of Chaos, I now understand that all things that can happen, do. Even now I am testing the might of another survivor who washed up on Wraeclast instead of you, and to her, you are dead. All that you accomplish is meaningless. All that Doryani ruined was equally meaningless.


The Queen represents an odd island of stability that Chaos cannot comprehend. Almost all events come laden with possibility, but the history of her existence is a single unbroken course. There is no world, real or imagined, where Atziri did not lead our people to ruin.

She gazes into a mirror still, somewhere beyond the reach of my master, in a place of crimson madness and nightmare... my master adores the uncertainty of chance outcome, but he abhors cosmic enigmas with no clear answered, especially when such enigmas seem to possess the power to impress determinism upon the fabric of existence.

The Anathema

My lord Chaos has often felt there is a sinister force lurking in the unknown mists of raw Creation that seeks to oppose him. It does not show itself. No, it is a cowardly Impulse, one that subtly tangles the threads of Fate to bring together mortals in each era for the purpose of Order, a cold conflict that has raged eternal - with only one exception.

Random dialogues

The following dialogues depends on how many success or fail the player has in the trials:

winning a lot greeting:

Is this some farcical joke?

This trial will see your downfall.

I am being punished, aren't I?

winning a lot goodbye:

How do you keep winning?!

I should have become a priest of Yaomac instead...

This is insufferable...


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Monster stats

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Version history

Version Changes
  • Added a short grace period when being teleported to The Trialmaster's arena.
  • Improved various visual effects in The Trialmaster encounter.
  • Introduced to the game.

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