The Upper Submerged Passage

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The Upper Submerged Passage was an area in Act 1. This area had no waypoint and was connected to The Lower Submerged Passage and The Ledge.

The area has a complicated layout with several paths, but the exit to the Ledge is always near the top or upper-right corner.


Native monsters in this area can resist cold or lightning damage. They deal physical and cold damage and can apply the Blind debuff.


Corrupted areas

Concealed Cavity has a chance to spawn.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Area renamed from Submerged Passage Level 2 to Upper Submerged Passage.
  • Removed the Submerged Passage Level 2 waypoint. Added a Rocky Climb waypoint. Moved some other waypoints around to random locations within their maps
  • Introduced to the game