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They of Tul

They of Tul
Location(s) Tul's Breach
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Modifier(s) Extra Cold Damage
Skill(s) summon totem
Snow Cloak
Throws projectiles that spawns an Ice Golem each
They of Tul spectre screenshot.png
A Witch and her raised They of Tul spectre, in Tul's Domain unique map. The Snow Cloak-vortex and They of Tul's totem can also been seen.

They of Tul is a type of Tul's monster that can be found in a Tul's Breach or in Tul's Domain unique map. It usually appeared as a rare monster, thus it may appear as different random name. The 3D model is similar to Pocked Goliath.

Internally it also has a few variant that have different metadata id.[1][2][3][4] Some variant has the tag "unusable_corpse" and the mod CannotBeUsedAsMinionCannotBeUsedAsMinion
. The Tul's Domain version of this monster can be spectred.

They of Tul will occasionally cast a totem, as well as cast a vortex-like skill that applies a buff Snow Cloak to allies that within the vortex.

When as a Raise Spectre inventory icon.pngraised spectreRaise SpectreSpell, Minion
Mana Cost: (15-28)
Cast Time: 0.85 sec
Requires Level 28Raises a spectral version of a defeated foe as a minion to fight for you in battle.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent4Phantasmal1% increased Minion Movement SpeedMinions deal 1% increased Melee Damage
1% increased Minion Maximum Life
Minions have 0.5% reduced Enemy Stun ThresholdMinions are Created with maximum Frenzy Charges
Maximum (1-2) Raised Spectres
55% more Minion Movement Speed
Minion Movement Speed is Capped
Raised Spectres are Level (28-72)
Minions have (105-776) additional Accuracy Rating
Minions have +30% to all Elemental Resistances
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Raise Spectre skill icon.png
Raise Spectre inventory icon.png

, They of Tul did not have the skill "Throws projectiles that spawns an Ice Golem each".[5]


Version history

Version Changes
  • Spectred versions of They of Tul's Snow Cloak skill no longer grants reduced damage taken, and grants 15% chance to dodge attacks and spells (from 20%).
  • Spectred They of Tul no longer use abilities when not in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where the Snow Cloak buff granted by They of Tul didn't have a description.
  • Introduced to the game.
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