Trial of Lingering Pain

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Trial of Lingering Pain
No Waypoint
Area level75
Area type tagsdungeon
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Trial of Lingering Pain is one of the six Trials of Ascendancy. It can be found at random during mapping (by using The Dream TrialThe Dream TrialThe depths of a dream hide a gauntlet that sharpens the body and mind.You will discover a Trial of Ascendancy in a map.Right-click to add this prophecy to your character.Seal Cost:
2x Silver Coin
prophecy, the player can increase the odds of spawning it inside the map). The "easier" versions --which are no longer referred to as "Trial of Lingering Pain"-- can be found in The Catacombs (Act 3) and The Tunnel (Act 9).

The Trial features Blade Sentries, which are very wide traps that move along set paths. The damage is proportional, and does not depend on area level; when the player character is cut by the moving traps, they rapidly take Energy Shield and Health damage (which can kill underspecced, non-Bleed immune players in roughly one second) The Trial's layout, however, does become harder on higher difficulties.

Upon completing the Trial, Izaro gives the message "An emperor must wear two blades. Hope in the left hand, Surety in the right." and you are provided with a portal back to the entrance.

Version history

Version Changes
  • (Undocumented) Due to the game having eliminated the difficulty system, the trials in the Acts are simply named after the locations they are located. Moreover, Cruel and Merciless Labs only require three trials, decreasing the total number of trials a player will have to accomplish to reach full end-game Ascendancy potential from 24 to 18.
  • There are six new Trials of Ascendancy that can be found in non-unique maps. These trials are more complex and random than the ones in the regular game. Completing a Trial rewards you with an Offering to the GoddessOffering to the GoddessIt is time for the Goddess to give her final verdict.
    Your fate rests in her even hands.
    Travel to the Aspirants' Plaza and spend this item to open the Eternal Labyrinth. You must have completed the six different Trials of Ascendancy found in Maps in order to access this area.
  • Once you have completed all six Trials, you are able to use your Offering to the Goddess items in a Map Device to access the Endgame Labyrinth. These items are not technically maps, so you cannot use Sacrifice Fragments or ChiselsCartographer's ChiselStack Size: 20Improves the quality of a mapRight click this item then left click a map to apply it. Has greater effect on lower-rarity maps. The maximum quality is 20%.
    Shift click to unstack.
    on them.
  • The Endgame Trials and Labyrinth include a new trap type - Sentinel Traps: These traps apply one of many effects to an area and can be temporarily deactivated by dealing damage to them.
  • Introduced to the game.