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Undead is a property held by many monsters. Undead can be raised from the dead by Necromancers.

Monster types with the Undead property on all varieties:

Individual Undead in otherwise non-undead types:

  • Skeletal Beast, a type of Beast
  • Bone Rhoa, a type of Rhoa
  • Thresher in The Coward's TrialThe Coward's Trial
    Cursed Crypt Map
    Map Level: 80
    Map Tier: 13
    Guild Character: Å
    Contains waves of Monsters
    Contains additional waves of Undead Monsters
    <0 to 7 random additional waves modifiers>
    For his sins he was hunted in his sleep,
    judgement wrought of twisted nightmare.
    The Coward bound his dreams to stone, awaiting
    another to walk the path of true atonement.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.

The Map prefix "Undead" causes the map to be inhabited by Undead.