Undying Alchemist

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Undying Alchemist
Undying Alchemist
Location(s) The Sewers
Doedre's Cesspool
Skill(s) Poison Bomb

Undying Alchemist is a type of Undying.

Areas found:

  • The Sewers
  • Doedre's Cesspool
  • Toxic Sewer MapToxic Sewer MapMap Level: 74
    Map Tier: 7
    Guild Character: Ï
    Affluence and effluence, separated by a few feet of soil.Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
  • Chateau Map


  • Throws Poison Bombs, that deal both fire damage and chaos damage on-hit, and then on detonation first deal chaos damage, then create a Caustic Arrow-like poison cloud that deals chaos damage over time. When lying on ground, Poison Bombs function similarly to traps.