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For the notable passive skill that formerly known as "Unyielding", see Sanctum of Thought.
Not to be confused with Disciple of the Unyielding.
Ascendancy Notable Passive Skill
Unyielding (Juggernaut) passive skill icon.png
8% increased Damage per Endurance Charge
6% increased Area of Effect per Endurance Charge
25% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you Stun an Enemy
10% increased Stun Duration on Enemies per Endurance Charge [1]

Unyielding is a Notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Juggernaut that grants increased damage, area of effect, and stun duration per endurance charge and grants a chance to gain an endurance charge when you stun an enemy.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Unyielding now grants 8% increased damage per endurance charge (from 5%) and 6% increased area of effect per endurance charge (from 5%).
  • Reworked. Previous version's mods listed below:
    • 30% increased Damage while you have Fortify
    • 1.5% of Maximum Life Regenerated per second while you have Fortify
    • 25% increased effect of Fortify on You
  • Added "25% increased effect of Fortify on you."
  • Added to the game.