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Character Build Notes

Warband Leaders

Name Faction
Uruk Baleh
El'Abin, Bloodeater
Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash
Bin'aia, Crimson Rain
Yorishi, Aurora-sage
Jeinei Yuushu
Otesha, the Giantslayer
Musky "Two-Eyes" Grenn
Susara, Siren of Pondium
Lussi "Rotmother" Roth
Rama, the Kinslayer
Kalria, the Risen
Invari, the Bloodshaper
Lokan, the Deceiver
Marchak, the Betrayer
Berrots, the Breaker
Vessider, the Unrivaled
Morgrants, the Deafening

No Stone Unturned Checklist (Outdated)

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Act I

  • Lioneye's Watch: 15 different letters of exile.
  1. Barden of Inkley
  2. Brylla of Cinderford
  3. Cafar of Beecham
  4. Carling of Mirfield
  5. Ender of Romsey
  6. Hadrey of Dayton
  7. Hillock of Slaugh
  8. Joy of Kimbey
  9. Kraityn of Theopolis
  10. Lothar of Wetherdale
  11. Maitlin of Theopolis
  12. Maramoa of Ngamakanui
  13. Missy of Nashe
  14. Ollin of Theopolis
  15. Salem of Theopolis
  • The Coast: 1 weathered carving
  • Tidal Island: 1 weathered carving
  • The Mud Flats: 1 weathered carving
  • The Ledge: 1 weathered carving
  • The Climb: 1 weathered carving (also a flag with lore, it is optional and doesn't count towards the achievement though)
  • The Prison (Warden's Quarters): 1 book en route to Brutus, it is near where Piety was standing
  • The Ship Graveyard: 1 weathered carving
  • The Coves: 1 weathered carving

Act II

  • Western Forest: 1 book (always at the same place as Captain Arteri/Thaumetic seal)


  • The City of Sarn: 1 graffiti
  • The Slums: 1 graffiti
  • The Warehouse District (above ground): 1 graffiti
  • The Catacombs: 1 graffiti
  • The Battlefront: 1 graffiti
  • The Solaris Temple (Eternal Laboratory which is always near the waypoint/Gemling Queen): 1 device (only accessible on normal or cruel difficulty, replaced by map device on merciless)
  • The Docks: 1 graffiti
  • The Library: 17 total, seven different versions of "The Ancients" book six different versions of "The Purity Chronicles," and four different versions of "Victario's Writings."
  1. The Ancients, Book 1: Last of the Vaal Queens
  2. The Ancients, Book 2: ...
  3. The Ancients, Book 3: The Queen's Thuamaturgist
  4. The Ancients, Book 4: ...
  5. The Ancients, Book 5: The Fall
  6. The Ancients, Book 6: Imperialus Conceptus
  7. The Ancients, Book 7: The Light of Phrecia
  8. The Purity Chronicles, Book 1: Embers of Insurrection
  9. The Purity Chronicles, Book 2: Bloody Flowers
  10. The Purity Chronicles, Book 3: Fall of a Jade Axe
  11. The Purity Chronicles, Book 4: The Red Sekhema's Saddle
  12. The Purity Chronicles, Book 5: ...
  13. The Purity Chronicles, Book 6: ...
  14. Victario's Writings, Volume 1: Kalisa Maas
  15. Victario's Writings, Volume 2: The Blackest Monkey
  16. Victario's Writings, Volume 3: Slaves of Virtue
  17. Victario's Writings, Volume 4: A Friend in Need
  • The Sceptre of God: 1 plaque at the very beginning