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Any chance you can locate the module behind the autogeneration of item acquisition ? It seems time consuming to eliminate generic dagger from The Road to Power card manually (Gnarled Branch can be done manually as it is the only staff that does not have 6S thus ineligible to The Flora's Gift and etc), as well as adding other card such as new influence item cards to the system

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Not sure why I didn't get a notification of this post. Anyway, I've already fixed this with the help of User:Ruba.

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Hateforge's ref

What i mean the rationale of the change already documented in the patch note, but the change in mod wording came from that thread and no better ref and it is not Rory_Rackham to state the mod wording change

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lua error on Hateforge. Remove the league flag remove the error but the item need that tag as info

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It seems to be fixed now.

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Template:Current map series

It seems the current map series is still Ritual due to no shuffle. So that the main page need other way to fix

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I think we should be cautious using mw.loadData. I don't remember the reason but it has been a conscious decision to use require instead. For example we always use require to load all those datamodules using m_cargo.store_from_lua.

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I'm not aware of any reason not to use it as long as it's being used according to the documentation. It's supposed to offer better performance for loading large tables.

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