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I looted The Gentleman card(s) from Academy Map


I looted two (read: 1+1) of "The Gentleman" cards off a monster in the "Academy Map" a couple days ago. I have no idea, which mob it was (probably some rare), since I annihilated a pack of them with the "Herald of Ash". The loot consisted a longer list of cards and I was surprised to see "The Gentleman" among them since I knew exactly where it might drop (was running those areas recently to loot them and got some). The "Academy Map" was of a rare level (I was doing upgraded maps leveling) if that needs to be pointed out.

I have no clue, how this particular wiki is updated, so I found Your name in the list of the recent/last contributors to the particular map page.. Did you see, what I did there - logic! :D



Sorry for the late reply. I'm not really active on the wiki anymore. If this is still a concern, try contacting one of the Administrators.
--Alleryn (talk) 04:52, 15 January 2019 (UTC)