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Possible missed seal cost changes

Hi, Omega, I wasn't sure whether to leave this comment here or on your own user profile. It appears to me, that this bot may have missed some changes when it was changing prophecy pages from seal_cost_normal, seal_cost_cruel, and seal_cost_merciless to seal_cost.

It's just a handful, so i'm going to go ahead and edit them manually, but i thought you might like a list of the pages that didn't appear to get changed:

Brothers in Arms

Echoes of Lost Love

Echoes of Mutation

The Aesthete's Spirit

The Emperor's Trove

Ancient Rivalries I

A couple of these (the last two) have drops disabled; not sure if that's a factor. Alleryn (talk) 01:46, 5 September 2017 (UTC)


This bot has removed fossils prices ;(