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A table with Vaal scrolls

Vaal Letters are environmental lore objects founds in corrupted areas around Wraeclast. They tell of Atziri's subjugates how their turmoil under her reign.


"I had nothing. I was nothing. I sold my flesh to survive. Today, my flesh belongs to my Queen."

Found in: Clouded Ledge, Concealed Caldarium, Desolate Isle, Evacuated Quarter, Flooded Complex, Forbidden Chamber, Forbidden Shrine, Forgotten Conduit, Forgotten Gulch, Radiant Pools, Sealed Repository, Shifting Sands, Sunken Shingle, Walled-off Ducts


"What did I say? What did I do? I flattered, I promised, I bared my skin and soul to my beloved Atziri. I did everything but offer to die for her. Is that where I went wrong?"

Found in: Arcane Chambers, Moonlit Chambers, Remote Gulch, Restricted Gallery


"A ring. Plated, not even solid silver. That's all I took. Now I'm stuffed full of gems and destined for the block. For palming a wretched, half-crown ring."

Found in: Clouded Ridge, Inner Grounds


"I am but a crude reflection of our Queen of Endless Beauty. I die today so that all of Vaal may bask in her Radiance tomorrow."

Found in: Narrow Ravine, Sacred Chambers


"I should have drawn the last breath from him. Yet all I did was draw his blood. Doryani will take my head in the morning and I have my shaking hands to thank for it."

Found in: Disused Furnace, Haunted Mineshaft, Hidden Patch


"I was to wither away in darkness. My queen has brought me into the light. I would have lived in ugliness. Now I may die in Beauty."

Found in: Mystical Clearing, Quarantined Quarters


"Our Queen has demanded we look into the gems for our salvation. We see ourselves reflected in those facets, twisted beyond recognition."

Found in: Neglected Cellar, Secluded Copse


"There was no escape for me. Should our Queen and her thaumaturge succeed, there will be no escape for anyone."

Found in: Covered-up Hollow, Secret Laboratory, Stagnant Canal


"For seven years I advised. For seven years she listened. Today, she would not. Now my blood will be but another drop in an ocean that will drown this land."

Found in: Desolate Track, Dusty Bluff, Sealed Corridors


"Queen Atziri forfeited her sovereignty the day that she chose to murder her people."

Found in: Ancient Catacomb, Entombed Chamber


"Atziri is my love and my life. I give one so that I might have the other for all eternity."

Found in: Abandoned Dam, Blind Alley, Entombed Alcove


"Atziri promises us eternal life. The only eternity we shall have is in the memories of the barbarians that shall plant their crops on our graves."

Found in: Concealed Cavity, Forgotten Oubliette, Strange Sinkhole

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