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Version History
October 22, 2015
November 2, 2015
November 10, 2015

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 2.0.5 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]


  • Added support for the upcoming Darkshrine Events.
  • Added support for the upcoming Soulthirst race season.
  • Added eight new Divination Cards.[2]
  • Added a new unique item for the upcoming Soulthirst Race Season. This will be enabled once the season begins.
  • Added some new unique items that will be enabled one by one over the next few weeks.
  • You can now highlight maps of certain tiers using "Tier:#" in the stash.

Race Content Improvements

  • The levels of many Descent areas have been adjusted.
  • The life of the bosses in the first eleven Descent areas has been reduced.
  • The chests in Descent for every class have been redone in most areas. Skill and Support gems are present in both chests, rather than being a choice.
  • The weapons in the starter chests for Descent now all have three linked sockets.
  • The Capricious Tomb in Descent has been replaced by the Mortal Tomb. This area is now filled with living humanoids rather than Goatmen.
  • The statues in the Tomb of Statues in Descent use ice shot far less frequently.
  • The Necromancers in The Lost Cathedral in Descent no longer use Enfeeble.
  • The Spinner of False Hope located in The Arachnid Tomb in Descent no longer hides at 50% life.
  • The Forbidden Ruins in Descent no longer spawn entire packs of Undying Grapplers, they are mixed into other packs now.
  • The second area of Endless Ledge now generates monsters randomly from a set list comprised of mainly Act One and Act Two monsters.
  • The third area of Endless Ledge now generates monsters randomly from a set list comprised of mainly Act One, Act Two and Act Three monsters. The Act Three monsters used are typically ones which aren't especially dangerous to very low level characters.
  • Reduced some of the level size variance in the Ship Graveyard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Abandoned Dam corrupted side area spawned too many shrines.
  • Fixed a bug where the Fresh Lair mission area was generating the incorrect tilesets.
  • Fixed a bug where strongboxes in Haku missions could spawn immortal totems, resulting in the strongbox never opening.

The following hotfix was deployed after 2.0.5:[3]

  • Enabled another unique which was added in the 2.0.5 patch.
  • Fixed various miscellaneous bugs with Darkshrines.


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