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Version History
April 7, 2016
April 14, 2016
April 20, 2016

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 2.2.2 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]


  • Labyrinth leaderboards have been enabled. There is a leaderboard for each difficulty in each league.
  • To be eligible for the leaderboard, you must enter the labyrinth alone. You must complete the labyrinth before the daily changeover to the next labyrinth layout. To be eligible for the Normal Labyrinth leaderboards you must be level 40 or lower. To be eligible for the Cruel Labyrinth leaderboards you must be level 60 or lower.
  • A special unique Jewel is awarded to the top player of each leaderboard each day. The three difficulties have different Jewels.
  • Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Skill Gem - Summon Lightning GolemSummon Lightning GolemLightning, Minion, Spell, Golem
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: (30-54) Mana
    Cooldown Time: 6.00 sec
    Can Store 1 Use(s)
    Cast Time: 1.00 sec
    Requires Level 34Summons a Lightning Golem that grants you increased Attack and Cast speed. The Lightning Golem fires a projectile spell, creates orbs of Lightning that zap nearby enemies, and casts a temporary aura that grants added Lightning Damage to spells and attacks used by the Golem and its nearby allies.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent1% increased Minion Maximum Life
    Minions deal 1% increased Damage
    1% increased Buff EffectSummoned Golems have 1% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
    Maximum 1 Summoned Golem
    Golems grant (6-9)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    (30-68)% increased Minion Maximum Life
    (0-19)% increased Character Size
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Summon Lightning Golem skill icon.png
    : Summons a Lightning Golem that grants you increased Attack and Cast speed. The Lightning Golem fires a projectile spell, creates orbs of Lightning that zap nearby enemies, and casts a temporary aura that grants added Lightning Damage to the Golem and its nearby allies.
  • Added the unique Star of WraeclastStar of Wraeclast
    Ruby Amulet
    Requires Level 28+(20-30)% to Fire ResistanceGrants Level 10 Frostblink Skill
    (30-50)% increased Cold Damage
    +(10-15)% to all Elemental Resistances
    60% increased Area of Effect of Hex Skills
    You cannot be Cursed with Silence
    Frostblink has 50% increased Duration
    "I offer to you an eternal oath
    that binds your heart to mine;
    a bond that not even death will break.
    Will you accept?"
    - Daresso, to his beloved
    amulet (, which can be created by a vendor recipe.
  • Added new microtransactions: Arctic CrownArctic CrownHelmet SkinChanges the appearance of any equipped headdress to the Arctic Crown., Gore SunderGore Sunder EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Sunder becomes a gory effect., Gore EarthquakeGore Earthquake EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Earthquake becomes a gory effect., Gore Lightning ArrowGore Lightning Arrow EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Lightning Arrow becomes a gory effect., Demonic Split ArrowDemonic Split Arrow EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Split Arrow becomes a demonic effect., Frostflower Ice TrapFrostflower Ice Trap EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Ice Trap becomes a frostflower effect., Module Error: Item link: No results found for search parameter "Infernal Axe (Weapon Skin)"., Ebony Blast RainEbony Blast Rain EffectSkill Gem EffectYour Blast Rain becomes an ebony effect. and Blade Sentry PetBlade Sentry PetPetSummons your pet.
  • Further improvements have been made to asset preloading and memory usage.
  • Attack damage per Frenzy charge bonuses now appear on the charges part of the character information panel.
  • The Hall of GrandmastersHall of Grandmasters
    Promenade Map
    Map Level: 69
    Map Tier: 2
    Guild Character: Ù
    Contains the Immortalised Grandmasters
    PvP damage scaling in effect
    The grandest and greatest ever to fight,
    Divine the champions stand tall.
    But match their power, best their might,
    And even the immortal may fall.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    now has nine potential wings. Only six wings will be available each time the map is used.

Ascendancy Skill Balance

  • The Hierophant skill Conviction of Power has been corrected to grant a power charge when you or your totem kills an enemy.
  • The Guardian skill Prayer of Glory now also has "Your Warcries cost no mana."
  • The Ascendant Guardian skill now also has "Your Party members share Charges."
  • The Guardian skill Bastion of Hope now has a radius of 60 (increased from 40). This radius is no longer affected by bonuses to the radius of skills.
  • These Ascendancy changes are not intended to be exhaustive, but are a small subset of the more cohesive set of improvements coming in 2.3.0.


  • Summoned Totems are now deleted when the player moves very far away from those totems. This caused issues with the Hierophant skill "Ritual of Awakening" where you would receive less damage per active totem. Those totems would be very far away and unable to attack or cast yet would still penalise the player's damage.
  • The passive skill Shaman's Dominion has been changed to use "Recently" instead of four seconds.
  • The "increased Shield Charge Damage per Enemy Hit" enchantment was not intended to go live (it was experimental and did not yet work), and has been removed.
  • Added an enchantment for Explosive ArrowExplosive ArrowAttack, Projectile, AoE, Duration, Fire, Bow
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: (8-10) Mana
    Projectile Speed: 3260
    Radius: 15
    Requires Level 28Fires an arrow which will stick into an enemy or wall, and then explode, dealing area damage around it, either after a duration or when the maximum number of arrows stuck to that target is reached. If an enemy has multiple Explosive Arrows stuck in them, the first one to explode will consume the others, adding their damage to its explosion.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent1% chance to Ignite enemies
    1% increased Skill Effect Duration
    3% increased Critical Strike ChanceMaximum 0.2 Explosive Arrows stuck in an Enemy
    2% less Skill Effect Duration
    Base duration is 1 seconds
    +2 to Explosion Radius per Explosive Arrow on Target, up to +12
    Explosion will have (47-522) to (71-783) added Fire Damage
    Explosion deals 50% less Base Damage
    Explosion deals 5% more Damage with Hits and Ailments per Explosive Arrow on Target
    Maximum 20 Explosive Arrows stuck in an Enemy
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Explosive Arrow skill icon.png
    that increases attack speed.
  • The Discipline Enchantment for reduced mana costs has been changed to 14% to be consistent with other aura mana reduction enchantments.
  • Attempting to place more traps than the maximum trap count will now always destroy the oldest traps. This fixes an issue when using multiple trap skills with different maximum trap counts.
  • Daily master missions will now always generate at a difficulty which will allow the player entry. The level will not change, however. If the player is at too low a level to enter, the difficulty of the daily mission will be lowered.
  • Phantom Impalers now use Ice Traps.
  • Lowered SparkSparkSpell, Projectile, Duration, Lightning
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: (5-21) Mana
    Cast Time: 0.65 sec
    Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
    Effectiveness of Added Damage: 125%
    Projectile Speed: 560
    Launches unpredictable sparks that move randomly until they hit an enemy or expire.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent4Phantasmal1% increased Projectile SpeedProjectiles Pierce 0.1 additional TargetsFires 0.1 additional Projectiles2% of Lightning Damage Converted to Chaos DamageDeals (2-29) to (70-1326) Lightning Damage
    Base duration is 2 seconds
    Fires (4-6) additional Projectiles
    (0-19)% increased Projectile Speed
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Spark skill icon.png
    's damage in PvP by 1% per gem level up to level 10, then 2% per gem level (damage reduced by 10% at level 10, and by 30% at level 20). Spark's tendency to completely coat the battlefield in unavoidable damage was making PvP matches extremely unfun, especially at high levels. While this doesn't solve the core issue of spark's unavoidable damage, it should give players a chance to close the gap.

Bug Fixes

  • Many improvements have been made to Labyrinth layouts.
  • Fixing various placement issues related to Strongboxes, Perandus chests and Rogue Exiles, where they could spawn inside Trial of Ascendancy traps.
  • The Death and TaxesDeath and Taxes
    Necropolis Map
    Map Level: 83
    Map Tier: 16
    Guild Character: ¿
    Item Quantity: +150%
    Unique Boss deals (30-35)% increased Damage
    Unique Boss has (25-30)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    Unique Boss gives 20000% increased Experience
    Unique Boss drops (12-20) additional Currency Items
    So the raiders danced,
    leading their foe ever west,
    towards certain death.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    unique map can no longer spawn Perandus Chests or Cadiro, as they were capable of spawning on areas the boss needed to go to in order for the map to be completed.
  • Fixed a bug where a Conversion Trap Enchantment counted as a minion skill rather than a trap skill for the purposes of Challenges.
  • Fixed a bug where 100% pierce chance would not grant increased damage for appropriate skills.
  • Fixing an issue where projectiles did not appear to pierce on the client.
  • Fixed various bugs related to the passive tree and the Scion Ascendancy "Path of …" skills.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Null's InclinationNull's Inclination
    Ranger Bow
    Quality: +20%
    Physical Damage: 46.8-97.2
    Chaos Damage: (50-80) to (130-180)
    Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
    Attacks per Second: (1.39-1.46)
    Weapon Range: 120
    Requires Level 60, 212 Dex, 212 IntAdds (50-80) to (130-180) Chaos Damage
    (7-12)% increased Attack Speed
    +(7-11)% to Chaos Resistance
    +212 Intelligence Requirement
    Minions deal 1% increased Damage per 10 Dexterity
    Trigger Socketed Minion Spells on Kill with this Weapon
    The hunt continues when the prey falls.
  • Fixed a bug where players could have multiple Offerings active at once through the use of traps, totems or mines.
  • Fixed a bug where some stats would round incorrectly on the website.
  • Fixing an issue where the Conduit trinket wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the increased duration of the Phase Run Enchantment did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ascendancy skills Time of Need (Guardian), Pendulum of Destruction (Elementalist) and Guardian (Ascendant) would not resume after you die and resume at a checkpoint.
  • Shield Crabs should now always drop items when exploded, regardless of the source of the explosion.
  • Fixed a bug where clones did not have footstep effects that matched their parent.
  • Fixed a bug where Leap SlamLeap SlamAttack, AoE, Movement, Travel, Slam, Melee
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: 10 Mana
    Radius: 15
    Requires Level 10Jump into the air, damaging and knocking back enemies with your weapon where you land. Enemies you would land on are pushed out of the way. Requires an Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Sword or Staff. Cannot be supported by Multistrike.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent4Phantasmal1% increased Stun Duration on enemies1% increased Area of Effect1% increased Damage0.5% increased Attack SpeedDeals (100-150)% of Base Attack Damage
    +0.55 seconds to Attack Time
    (20-39)% increased Stun Duration against Enemies that are on Full Life
    Damaging Hits always Stun Enemies that are on Full Life
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Leap Slam skill icon.png
    did not correctly change speed based on attack speed bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug with instant leech causing damage in combination with the Endless Hunger Ascendancy skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Izaro would not leave until the last Conduit had risen.
  • Fixed a bug where the correct monster level would not display in Oba's Cursed TroveOba's Cursed Trove
    Underground Sea Map
    Map Level: 69
    Map Tier: 2
    Item Quantity: +40%
    Area has patches of desecrated ground
    20 patches with Ground Effect per 100 tiles (Hidden)
    Ground Effect has a radius of 10 (Hidden)
    (40-50)% more Monster Life
    (30-40)% increased Monster Damage
    Area becomes fatal after some time
    "Here the soil is more deadly than any swing of the axe."
    - Oba of the Karui, Conqueror of Corruption.
    Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
    after portaling away and coming back again.
  • Fixed a bug where Oba's Cursed Trove would not drop maps of Tier 9 and above in the higher level sections of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where Xirgil's CrankXirgil's Crank
    Coiled Staff
    Quality: +20%
    Physical Damage: 32.4-68.4
    Critical Strike Chance: 6.20%
    Attacks per Second: 1.30
    Weapon Range: 13
    Requires Level 28, 43 Str, 43 Int+20% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff+15% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff
    (60-80)% increased Spell Damage
    +(70-100) to maximum Energy Shield
    +1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
    Reflects 1 to 150 Lightning Damage to Melee Attackers
    20% chance for Energy Shield Recharge to start when you Block
    "Since one with knowledge of machines
    might be able to bring the labyrinth to a standstill,
    Izaro had us place many boobytrapped decoys.
    But I know which switch brings the monster down."
    - Xirgil, Trapbuilder's final words.
    caused Wicked Ward to never trigger.
  • Fixed a client crash related to hidden monsters gaining buffs.
  • Fixed a bug with the "increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently" Enchantment where it only counted critical strikes done by the main hand weapon.

The following hotfixes were deployed after the 2.2.2 patch:[2]

  • Fixed an instance crash when the Olmec's Sanctum final boss spawned.
  • Fixed a client crash with Warband monsters who used Mirror Arrow.
  • Fixed an instance crash that sometimes occured when Arc was used on Gargoyles.


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