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Version History
November 19, 2016
November 22, 2016
November 28, 2016

Patch notes

These are the official patch notes for version 2.4.3b released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Fixed a problem where the DirectX 11 client wouldn't detect your graphics hardware properly. This would lead to the graphics adapter box being empty and could also result in the client using the incorrect graphics card, reducing performance.
  • Fixed a bug in the DirectX 11 client where it wouldn't start if unable to enter fullscreen mode. It will now enter windowed mode in this case. The rules for fullscreen mode in DirectX 11 are much more restrictive. For example, fullscreen mode is unavailable if any other window overlaps with the client window.
  • Fixed a bug where Dart Traps in the Labyrinth and Trials were not firing projectiles.
  • Fixed various display issues with messages in chat.
  • The "You have joined chat" messages now don't appear when you change area.
  • Fixed a bug where Highgate's music wouldn't play.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes animations would run extremely slowly when things were frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where the networking mode wouldn't indicate whether "Auto" defaulted to Lockstep or Predictive mode.
  • Improved the effects of Scorching RayScorching RaySpell, Fire, Duration, Channelling
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost: (2-5) Mana
    Cast Time: 0.25 sec
    Requires Level 12Unleash a beam of fire that burns enemies it touches. Remaining in the beam intensifies the burning, adding a portion of the beam's damage in stages. Inflicts Fire Exposure at maximum stages. Enemies who leave the beam continue to burn for a duration. Increasing cast speed also increases the rate at which the beam can turn.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent0.5% increased beam length1% increased Skill Effect Duration2% increased Cast Speed
    2% less Skill Effect Duration
    Deals (11.7-439.4) Base Fire Damage per second
    Base duration is 1.5 seconds
    Additional Debuff stages add 60% of Damage
    Burning Debuff can have a maximum of 8 stages
    Fire Exposure applies -25% to Fire Resistance
    Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this Skill's Damage Over Time effect
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Scorching Ray skill icon.png
    when cast at certain angles near a wall.
  • Fixed a bug where Scorching Ray used with Spell Totem SupportSpell Totem SupportSupport, Spell, Totem
    Icon: T
    Level: (1-20)
    Cost & Reservation Multiplier: 200%
    Requires Level 8Supports spell skills that are not triggered. Instead of casting that spell, you will summon a totem that casts the spell for you.Per 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent1% increased Totem Placement speed1% increased Totem Duration1% increased Totem RangeSupported Skills will summon a Totem which uses that Skill
    Totem lasts 8 seconds
    Supported Skills deal (35-26)% less Damage
    Spells Cast by Totem have 30% less Cast Speed
    This is a Support Gem. It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Skill Gem you wish to augment. Right click to remove from a socket.
    could target an arbitrary direction after the totem was stunned.
  • Fixed a bug where Scorching Ray would not update its target location.
  • NOTE: We are still working on various other crashes and technical issues with the new renderer such as the DirectX 11 version not working when you don't have the DirectX 11.1 runtime installed. These fixes will be in follow-up patches.

The following hotfix was deployed after the 2.4.3b patch:[2]

We have deployed a clientside hotfix (with no version number) that addresses some more problems with fullscreen mode in DirectX 11.


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