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Ward is a defence type introduced in content patch 3.15 that absorbs the damage taken from a hit equal by the amount of ward. After being hit by any amount of damage, ward will deplete, recharging after 5 seconds. Unlike energy shield, taking damage will not interrupt ward restoration time.

Ward can absorbs all type Damage. Physical damage,Fire Damage,Cold Damage,Lightning Damage,Chaos Damage.

Ward can only be found in item bases found from expeditions and Iron Flasks.


Ward absorbs the final damage of a hit. It is taken before energy shield and after Aegis and guard skill buffs.[1] Ward will not activate if the hit deals 0 damage.


You taken 1000 Physical damage.

= 1000 Physical damage - Aegis and guard skill buffs - Total Ward - Total energy shield = Damage taken life



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