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Winged Reliquary Scarab250% more Unique Items found in AreaThe books were burned, and the scribes set themselves aflame.
What secret so terrible could they have discovered?
Though centuries have passed, we must investigate this for ourselves.
Can be used in a personal Map Device.
Winged Reliquary Scarab inventory icon.png
Area level: 1
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Map Fragments
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Scarabs/ScarabUniques4

Winged Reliquary Scarab is a scarab.

Item acquisition

Related items

  • Rusted Reliquary ScarabRusted Reliquary Scarab50% more Unique Items found in AreaThe Maraketh left you to die alone in the desert, young Sumei, but we
    saw the potential in you. The Order of the Djinn is your akhara now.
    Can be used in a personal Map Device.
  • Polished Reliquary ScarabPolished Reliquary Scarab100% more Unique Items found in AreaAs the best of our lorekeepers, honoured Sumei, it is now your task
    to investigate the mysterious duplication of artefacts of power.
    Can be used in a personal Map Device.
  • Gilded Reliquary ScarabGilded Reliquary Scarab150% more Unique Items found in AreaGo to your rest now, Sumei, Master Lorekeeper. The Order shall keep
    contained the terrible secret that burdened your final years.
    Can be used in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device.

Version history

Version Changes
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