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Xoph, Dark Embers
Xoph, Dark Embers
Level(s) 70
Location(s) Xoph's Domain
Health 1 828 186
Damage 1783
ApS 1.25
Resistance(s) 30% Fire
30% Cold
30% Lightning
15% Chaos
Modifier(s) Cannot Be Frozen
Cannot Be Knocked Back
60% Reduced Curse Effectiveness

Xoph, Dark Embers is a boss residing in Xoph's Domain which can be accessed by placing a Xoph's BreachstoneXoph's BreachstoneCan be used in a personal Map Device. in a map device.

He is one of five Breachlords.


One of the following unique items can drop from him:

Additionally, there is a chance for him to also drop a Blessing of XophBlessing of XophStack Size: 10Upgrades a breach unique item or breachstone to a more powerful versionRight click this item then left click an applicable breach unique item to upgrade it.
Shift click to unstack.
which can be used to upgrade his unique items.


Namesake modifiers

The top tier fire damage mod of caster weapons (Xoph'sXoph's
(100-109)% increased Fire Damage
, Xoph'sXoph's
(150-164)% increased Fire Damage
) are also named after Xoph. There are not related Xoph's / of Xoph mods which can only spawnable in Grasping MailGrasping MailArmour: 217
Evasion: 217
Energy Shield: 42
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 70, 60 Str, 60 Dex, 60 IntOf ash and avalanche,
in storm and flesh,
we dream of unity.
The time approaches...

Version History

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