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This page is about the monster. For the player skill, see Raise Zombie.

It's dusk on the moors. The air is still and hot. Quiet, but for the soft hum of the cicadas in the treetops. The rhythmic sound nearly lulls you to sleep, but suddenly something catches your attention. A shape is moving slowly towards you through the gloom, rustling the leaves. Growling.

Do not underestimate the bloated, rotted corpses that wander the swamps and bogs of Wraeclast's shoreline. They may lack agility, but the dark corruption animating them imbues them with tremendous strength and ferocity. The island's Zombies are always hungry, and they will pursue the scent of blood relentlessly. Wraeclast's yawning graveyards have spawned a legion of these shambling undead, and they are a blight on the population. Many who fall before them are soon found alongside their putrid ranks, the undead army forever growing.

The Zombie's primary strength is its toughness. All that dried sinew, meat and bone is tough to hack through. They can take a lot of punishment. The easiest way to defeat a Zombie is to exploit its lack of speed, but woe be unto him who finds himself cornered. Zombies hit hard with their desiccated, gnarled hands, but their bite is the most dangerous thing of all. Once bitten, a victim will find their very skin rotting away, and they will surely perish without prompt healing attention.

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  • Resists Cold
  • Undead


Name Location Special Attributes
Hungry Corpse The Twilight Strand N/A
Drowned The Twilight Strand N/A
Withered Husk The Coast, The Climb, The Cavern of Wrath N/A
Dripping Dead The Mud Flats, The Fetid Pool, The Submerged Passage, The Flooded Depths Can burrow (Mud Flats only)
Bloated Corpse unknown N/A
Rotting Damned The Lower Prison N/A
Fetid Scrambler unknown Spreads tar
Disturbed Corpse The Fellshrine Ruins N/A
Shambling Cadaver The Fellshrine Ruins Can burrow
Sutured Aberration Chamber of Sins Level 1, Fellshrine Ruins Releases Poison on Death
Alira's Dearest The Western Forest Resists Elemental, Resists Chaos
Wrapped Nobleman Entombed Chamber, Forbidden Chamber Releases Poison on Death
Unstable Aberration Spawned by Hillock Releases Poison on Death
Rotting Corrupted Elreon missions N/A
Pale Husk Ancient Catacomb N/A
Pale Blackguard The Aqueduct Berzerking
Rotten Gladiator Daresso's Dream Can burrow



Version history

Version Changes
  • Plague Retch (unique zombie) has moved out of Chamber of Sins Level 1 and has been replaced by Black Death. We wish Plagueretch all the best on wherever his new journey takes him.