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Passive Skill Tree as of Version 2.1.0

流放之路中的每位角色都有一個天賦樹[1]. 這個所謂的「樹」實際上是一張巨大的網,為你的角色提供被動增益屬性點。所有職業都使用同一套天賦,僅僅是起始位置不同而已。當你升級時,會獲得1點天賦點。使用天賦點可以激活天賦樹中相連的節點。這樣就形成了這一角色獨特的天賦。


相關聯的一系列天賦(, , 箭術, 火焰傷害, 閃避,等等)類似於郊區,這些將是形成你天賦的主體。連接這類大環的全部由+10主屬性的節點構成的路徑,類似於連接郊區的道路。 通過某些「道路」道路可以比繞「郊區」更快的到達更遠的地方,這裡「郊區」可以看作會比+10屬性的路徑更長一點的具有被動增益的捷徑。



  • The tree can be divided into three primary sectors of equal size, one third of the relatively circular tree, surrounding a central wheel. They are the north or blue sector, the southwest or red sector and the southeast or green sector.
  • The north or blue sector is also known as the magic sector; passives there boost intelligence, elemental damage, energy shield, wand damage, minion stats, etc...everything related to magic, and the skills normally found on blue gems.
  • The southwest or red sector is also known as the melee sector; passives there boost strength, armor, physical damage and nearly every known aspect of melee combat, as well as all skills normally found on red gems.
  • The southeast or green sector is also known as the Ranged sector; passives there boost dexterity, ranged projectile damage, evasion, most known aspects of ranged combat and all skills normally found on green gems.
  • As the player moves to the borders between sectors the passive skills available there become more hybridized between the two.

The character classes and their approximate starting position on the tree

  • When a new game is started, each character starts at the border of the inner wheel of the tree at a different location; the Witch for example starts at the due-north border of the inner wheel, smack in the middle of the blue sector showing her preference for magic. The wheel of character images (on the right) shows which position each class starts in and therefore their preferred method of combat; the Marauder starts in the middle of the red sector showing a preference for melee combat and the Ranger starts in the middle of the green sector for ranged combat, with the other characters starting in a position to put them in more of a hybrid role to start.
  • Although it takes some extra skill points to do this, there is nothing stopping the player from choosing passives to quickly get into a different sector than his character started out with to, for example, make a melee-combat Witch, given that there are no set equipment limits on which character can equip what other than what their passive stats allow. However, keep in mind that the campaign quests that give skill gems as rewards give gems related to the natural preference of that character, i.e. the Witch will usually only see magic-type gems. So even though making a non-standard character is possible it really isn't recommended other than for show.

Making builds[]

There is also an offline-ish skill tree that can be downloaded from the forums, which allows players to refine their intended builds more easily. This program needs internet access to download the skill tree from, but only needs to do this once (and whenever the skill tree is changed by patches).

Passive Nodes[]

Basic Passives[]

  • Dexterity (passive skill)
  • Intelligence (passive skill)
  • Strength (passive skill)

Notable Passives[]

For a list of all notables, see Category:Notable passive skills.

Notable passives can also be found on the pages of the stats they affect:

Jewel sockets[]

Jewel sockets are nodes on the skill tree that can be filled with jewels. By default, they are empty and don't grant any bonuses. A jewel socket must be allocated first before a jewel can be placed in it. There are currently 21 sockets distributed around the tree. There is no cap on the amount of sockets the player can allocate.

Keystone Passives[]