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Armour is a rating that measures a character's physical damage mitigation.

Armour rating can be increased by wearing equipment, taking certain passive skills, using spells such as Molten Shell, and drinking Granite Flasks.


Damage reduction from armour only reduces physical damage taken. Elemental damage and damage-over-time are not affected.

The amount of damage reduction is a function of armour rating and the damage taken. Damage reduction is capped at 90%.

Damage Reduction = Armour / ( Armour + (12 * Damage) )

The fact that damage reduction diminishes against more damaging hits means it is difficult to know exactly how much damage is reduced. As a rule of thumb, to achieve 50% damage reduction you will need an armour rating equal to twelve times that of the damage taken in a single hit. For example, 50% damage reduction against a 100 damage hit requires 1200 armour rating.

For example, if you have 1200 armour rating this chart indicates how much damage will be reduced by:

File:Damage reduction chart.png

The vertical axis is damage reduction percent. The bottom axis is original damage.


There are passive skill nodes that grant additional evasion or a combination of bonuses including evasion.


These passives increase armour rating by a percentage.

In the case of Iron Reflexes, armour is increased by an amount equal to total evasion. In exchange, evasion is reduced to 0.

Icon Name Bonuses
File:Passive-armour.png Armour

File:Passive-steelskin.png Steel Skin
Passive-armourmastery.png Armour Mastery
File:Passive-armourandevasion.png Armour and Evasion
File:Passive-leatherandsteel.png Leather and Steel
Passive-armourandenergyshield.png Armour and Energy Shield
Passive-bodyandsoul.png Body and Soul
Passive-keystone-ironreflexes.png Iron Reflexes


These passives are related to armour, but don't fit into any other category.

Icon Name Bonuses
Passive-armourmaster.png Armour Master
  • Ignore all movement penalties from Armour
Passive-keystone-acrobatics.png Acrobatics
  • 20% chance to Dodge Attacks