图标 名称 中文名 增益
Passive-keystone-acrobatics Acrobatics 杂技
  • 20% chance to Dodge Attacks
Passive-keystone-ancestralbond Ancestral Bond 先祖魂约
  • You can summon up to 1 additional totem
  • 你的技能無法造成傷害
  • You can't deal damage with your skills yourself
  • 可以召喚1個額外圖騰
Passive-keystone-phaseacrobatics Phase Acrobatics 移靈換影
Passive-keystone-arrowdodging Arrow Dodging 恩德的身法
  • Doubles chance to Evade Projectile attacks
  • 雙倍機率閃避投射物攻擊
Passive-keystone-bloodmagic Blood Magic 血魔法
Passive-keystone-chaosinoculation Chaos Inoculation 異靈之體
  • Maximum Life becomes 1
  • Immune to Chaos Damage
  • 最大生命變成 1,免疫混沌傷害
Passive-keystone-conduit Conduit 导管
Passive-keystone-eldritchbattery Eldritch Battery 怪异电池
Passive-keystone-elementalequilibrium Elemental Equilibrium 元素均衡
Passive-keystone-ghostreaver Ghost Reaver 灵魂收割
Passive-keystone-hexmaster Hex Master 巫术大师
  • Curses you cast never expire
Passive-keystone-whispersofdoom Whispers of Doom 厄运之呢喃
  • Enemies can have 1 additional Curse
Passive-keystone-irongrip Iron Grip 钢铁之握
Passive-keystone-ironreflexes Iron Reflexes 钢铁反射
Passive-keystone-necromanticaegis Necromantic Aegis 死灵之盾
  • All bonuses from an equipped Shield apply to your Minions instead of you
Passive-keystone-painattunement Pain Attunement 苦痛靈曲
Passive-keystone-pointblank Point Blank 近程射击
  • Projectile attacks deal up to 50% more Damage to very close targets, but deal less Damage to farther away targets
Passive-keystone-minioninstability Minion Instability 仆从自爆
Passive-keystone-resolutetechnique Resolute Technique 刚毅战术
Passive-keystone-unwaveringstance Unwavering Stance 不动如山
  • Cannot Evade enemy attacks
Passive-keystone-vaalpact Vaal Pact 瓦尔协议
Passive-keystone-zealotsoath Zealot's Oath 狂徒誓约
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