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Status ailments encompass a variety of detrimental effects. Those associated with an element are collectively referred to as elemental status ailments. Status ailments are in some ways similar to debuffs and curses, but they are categorically different. There is no inherent limit on the number of different status ailments a target can have at any given time.

Elemental status ailments[]

The most common status ailments are of the elemental variety and are typically caused by elemental damage.

Icon Description
File:Burning.png Ignite is associated with fire and causes the affected target to burn, taking fire damage over time.
File:Chilled.png Chill is inherent to cold and applies a slow effect to the character, affecting the animation speed at which the character plays.
File:Frozen.png Freeze is also associated with cold and prevents the affected target from taking actions.
File:Shocked.png Shock is associated with lightning and causes the affected target to take increased damage from all sources.

Any hit of cold damage has the potential to chill the target. Chill can also be inflicted by skills such as Ice Shot, Arctic Breath and Arctic Armour, which leave patches of chilling ground.

Ignite, freeze, and shock can only be inflicted by critical strikes of their corresponding element or due to something granting chance to Ignite, Freeze or Shock. Several examples how to gain a chance to apply Status ailments include: cursing a target with Conductivity which grants additional chance to shock, skills such as Glacial Hammer and Burning Arrow have a built-in chance to inflict elemental status ailments and the notable passive skill Static Blows grants an additional chance to shock. 

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Name Description
Elemental Trinity
File:Elemental Trinity achievement icon.jpg
Slay an enemy that is simultaneously Ignited, Shocked, and Frozen.

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