Pathofexile 维基

Dodge is a chance to avoid incoming damage and negative effects, provided exclusively from the Acrobatics keystone, and its subsequent Acrobatics Improvement nodes. It is rolled separately from Evasion, and is rolled before Block. The Chance to Dodge is a pseudo-random roll made per attack, and not entropy-based like Evasion.


There are passive skill nodes that grant additional chance to dodge either attacks or spells.

Icon Name Bonuses
File:Passive-acrobaticsimprovement.png Acrobatics Improvement
  • 2% additional chance to Dodge Attacks

  • 3% additional chance to Dodge Attacks
Passive-keystone-acrobatics.png Acrobatics
  • 20% chance to Dodge Attacks
Passive-keystone-phaseacrobatics.png Phase Acrobatics