Pathofexile 维基
Ancient Pyramid
怪物等级 26 47 60
A ranger in Ancient Pyramid. Patch 0.9.11
传送点 None
任务类型 Required

Ancient Pyramid is the final zone in Act 2. It is split into several floors but is still one instance.

This zone is connected to Waterfall Cave Level 2. This zone does not have a Waypoint.


  • Vaal Oversoul
  • Shadow Minion - Summoned by Vaal Oversoul
  • Vaal Fallen - Summoned by Vaal Oversoul
  • Bone Warden
  • Cairn Annihilator
  • Crypt Stalker
  • Flame Champion
  • Flame Harbinger
  • Frost Champion
  • Frost Harbinger
  • Grinning Totem
  • Thunder Champion
  • Thunder Harbinger
  • Vaal Totem


Update History[]

  • 0.9.11: The Vaal Oversoul boss was added to this zone.