Pathofexile 维基

The Chaos Innoculation keystone passive skill gives the following effects:


"On Low Life" effects such as Pain Attunement and mods on gear cannot activate while Chaos Inoculation is in effect. For these effects, you must have 35% or less of your current maximum life. Chaos Inoculation sets your life to 1, ignoring all other life modifiers.

On Full Life will always trigger because you are always at 100% of 1 life.

The chance of being stunned and duration of status ailments is based on your base life before CI takes effect.

Immunity to all Chaos Damage includes immunity to the life degeneration effect of Blood Rage while retaining all other benefits of the skill.


  • The keystone Blood Magic will instantly kill a CI player when he/she casts any spell. This also applies to skills supported by Blood Magic.
  • Mana potions can have the Caustic mod that removes life on use (+60% mana recovered. Removes 15% from life.) This will also kill you.