Pathofexile 维基

The Necromantic Aegis keystone passive skill gives the following effects:

  • All bonuses from an equipped Shield apply to your Minions instead of you

This includes any implicit or extra mods to your shields, so spiky shields will provide damage reflection to your minions and added fire damage will add fire damage to their attacks.

  • The skill gems will still be yours to wield.
  • Tempest Shield will NOT be transferred to minions.
  • Passive Skills that increase Shield stats themselves will also have no effect (i.e. Energy Shield on Shield, Bulwark and Shield Block.)
  • However, stats that take effect while you are holding a shield should in principle remain in effect. This is worded differently from passives that bump shield stats themselves like block chance.
  • Life regeneration does help Zombies, however it does not appear to extend the lifespan of Skeletons.