Pathofexile 维基

The Point Blank keystone passive skill gives the following effects:

  • Projectile attacks deal up to 50% more Damage to very close targets, but deal less Damage to farther away targets

Damage bonus/penalty is as follows:

  • Distance 0 to 10: 50%
  • Distance 10 to 35: scales linearly from 50% down to 0%
  • Distance 35 to 120: scales linearly from 0% down to -100%

For reference, melee weapon range is 5 for one-handed and 6 for two-handed weapons, cold snap has an area of effect radius of 15, and 120 is the maximum distance it's possible to shoot an arrow - it's usually impossible to reach the maximum distance except sometimes when firing at the upper corners of the screen.[1]

Attacks only[]

The Point Blank effect only works with projectile attacks, such as those made with a bow or wand. It does apply to Lightning Strike's projectiles, but won't work on spells like Ethereal Knives and Freezing Pulse.