Pathofexile 维基

敏捷,具攻擊性,飢餓,致命。加起以上所有這些事情(或更多)便是Wraeclasts 犀鳥獸。這些笨重而不會飛的大鳥是無情的怪獸。當他們的獵物狗急跳牆時,他們會使用的利爪和鋸齒狀的剃刀去把他們撕裂成碎片。他們天性會受到明亮,有光澤閃閃發光的物體吸引。所以不要試去拿他們濃艷的羽毛,犀鳥獸是危險的敵人。


Swift, aggressive, hungry, deadly. The Rhoas of Wraeclast are all these things and more. These hulking flightless birds are ruthless predators, hunting in packs to bring down larger game. When they have their enemies cornered, they rip them to shreds with their razor talons and serrated, toothy beaks. Their natural attraction to bright, shiny objects draws them to the glistening eyeballs of their prey. Do not take their gaudy plumage lightly, Rhoas are dangerous foes.

The exact origin of the Rhoa is unknown, but tales abound that they are the creation of a child god at play. After all, they combine the features of a great, four-legged beast from the plains with those of a magpie. When engaged from afar, Rhoas use their powerful legs to rapidly close the distance on their enemies, charging in to deliver a massive impact that can stun, knock back or kill. They're equally vicious up close, using their wickedly sharp claws to disembowel and cripple. It is said that a deep wound from a Rhoa will never heal, so be wary if you see their nests among the trees. They are extremely territorial, and will fight to the death if disturbed.