Pathofexile 维基

Tarkleigh is an inhabitant of Lioneye's Watch in Act 1.


Tarkleigh has taken it upon himself to be the de facto 'father of the brood' to Nessa's 'mother'. He is a former jack of all trades who has washed up on Wraeclast and found a new selfless focus in his mission to help new exiles arriving at Lioneye's Watch.

His feelings for Nessa seem to go deeper than comrades.


Tarkleigh is a weapons and armour vendor.

He gives the quests:

The Dweller of the Deep (Optional) The Dweller of the Deep

The Caged Brute The Caged Brute

The Way Forward The Way Forward

Behind the Scenes[]

Tarkleigh is voiced by New Zealand actor, Mark Mitchinson.