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Creates a heading styled after those used on item hovers in the game. Intended for use in Template:Hover, but can be used elsewhere.

By default the text is not aligned. It inherits text alignment for the parent element, so the text will appear centered when used in Template:Hover.


There are only three parameters:


Specifies which type of item that the heading should mimic. Valid values are:
  • normal - grey, single line
  • magic - blue, single line
  • rare - yellow, two lines
  • unique - orange, two lines
  • currency - brown, single line
  • gem - teal, single line
  • quest - green, single line

The default value is normal.


Text that will appear on the first line.


Text that will appear on the second line.


{{HoverHeader|type=normal |1=Driftwood Wand}}
{{HoverHeader|type=magic |1=Frosted Crude Bow of Skill}}
{{HoverHeader|type=rare |1=Blight Bond |2=Chain Belt}}
{{HoverHeader|type=unique |1=Voll's Protector |2=Holy Chainmail}}
{{HoverHeader|type=currency|1=Chaos Orb}}
{{HoverHeader|type=gem|1=Lightning Penetration}}
<div style="width:300px; text-align:center;">
  {{HoverHeader|type=quest|1=Golden Hand}}
{{HoverHeader|type=normal |1=using two parameters with a single line style |2=will cause the text to overflow}}
Driftwood Wand
Frosted Crude Bow of Skill
Blight Bond
Chain Belt
Voll's Protector
Holy Chainmail
Chaos Orb
Lightning Penetration
Golden Hand
using two parameters with a single line style
will cause the text to overflow

More examples

<div style="float:right; width:300px; text-align:center;">
{{HoverHeader|The Ship Graveyard}}

{| width="300" style="border: 2px solid #888888;" |
| colspan="3" | {{HoverHeader|A table}}
| '''Stat 1'''
| 45
| 89
| '''Stat 2'''
| 56
| 12
| '''Stat 3'''
| 321
| 3
The Ship Graveyard


A table
Stat 1 45 89
Stat 2 56 12
Stat 3 321 3
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