Pathofexile 维基

Version 0.9.12b 更新说明[]


  • There's now an "Always show sockets" UI setting.
  • Flasks hovers now display how many charges they currently have.
  • The map representation of the blockage at the Prisoner's Gate now updates correctly when you complete the "The Way Forward" quest.
  • The Golden Hand quest is now only given to you after you've rescued Helena. You still have to kill the Great White Beast first.
  • Fixed a problem with chat where the overlay map, inventory and passive skill tree would appear on top of it. For now, this means that chat will go over the top of vendor windows again until we fix that later.
  • Approximately 25 base item types have been made visually smaller, to conserve inventory space.
  • Reduced the frequency of voice acted yells that occur when the characters cast spells.
  • Restored the stat description on the Cold to Fire support gem.
  • Fixed a crash with Ice Shot.
  • Fixed a crash with Lightning Strike that would occur with specific two-handed mauls.