Pathofexile 维基

Version 0.9.5g 更新說明[]


  • Zoomed the view out. Later we'll probably add controls for this.
  • Improved the patcher so that it will use compression when downloading future updates. This should make it approximately 33% faster.
  • Added a new keystone passive - Necromantic Aegis: Applies all properties of your Shield (defences, block, implicit mods and explicit mods) to your minions instead of to you. Thanks to Skivverus for the suggestion that we based it on!


  • Changed all Maelstrom of Chaos levels to be level 58.
  • Removed the Critical Strike penalty from the Multiple Projectiles support gem.
  • Hex Master now grants "+1 curse on targets" in addition to its existing effects.
  • Avatar of Fire now has "Cannot Resist Cold Damage". Rather than reducing its fire damage, we felt it more appropriate to accentuate the glass-cannon aspects of builds based around this keystone.
  • Rain of Arrows is now affected by increased arrow/projectile speed. This reduces the delay before the arrows land.
  • Made the Faster Projectiles support gem work with Rain of Arrows.
  • Moved the first Marauder life regeneration passive to the second position of their core life chain.
  • Changed the first life passive near the Duelist (on the path between the Marauder and the Duelist) to being life regeneration instead of life.
  • Added a new life regeneration passive to the Templar part of the tree
  • Increased the critical strike chance on Fireball and Shock Nova.
  • Reduced the critical strike chance on Detonate Dead, Discharge and Ice Spear.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where maximum distance of various skills (such as Cold Snap) could be bypassed with shift-casts.
  • Fixed a bug where chaos degeneration would prevent energy shield regeneration even if the chaos damage was completely resisted.
  • Fixed a bug with the calculation of how much life recovery from flasks to apply to minions.
  • Fixed Vulnerability not being affected by the Hex Master keystone passive.
  • Made changing the sound effects volume affect looping sounds from game world entities.
  • Fixed a bug where the Poison Arrow cloud would appear where you clicked even if the arrow was stopped before then by a wall.
  • Fixed Spark not being affected by increased duration.
  • Corrected the sell price for the "Increased Armour and Evasion" mod.
  • Fixed a bug where "+1 to Bow skills socketed into this item" would spawn on the wrong items.